Thursday, April 28, 2005

Met GJ today.

So, I met GJ today.

He took a photo of me and is going to put on his blog, except that he is playing mj now and will only be able to blog tomorrow.
He promised to black my face out.

A few other things I learnt about him
-he likes girls in tank tops, preferably in white.
- colors like baby blue is fine too
- it would really turn him on if the girl is wearing a sweet green bra beneath
- his new car has a new leather + chocolate muffin smell.

In short, he wants a shu nu. No wonder he spends so much on his insurance. His agent is quite chio, considering she is already 30.

We had double filet o fish for dinner. GJ = Mac. I still think he eats mac all the time. He picked me up from my office, but couldn't find my office building. He landed up driving against traffic. He actually made a wrong turn and turned onto oncoming traffic. I was stumbled for a while when he told me over the phone where he was. In my mind, I was trying to figure out where he was.

I saw some shoes at JP. They were really really cheap. About $10 and they were quite decent. I would have bought if I were alone or if GJ edged me. I am not that kind of shopper who looks at things and buys. I look at them, and if I like it I put it back on the shelve too. I only buy when I really need it, or when someone encourages me too. I will go there soon to take a second look. Talking about shoes, I found out something about Charles & Keith, I am not going to post it here because I do not want the whole world to know what I know and do things the way I do. Miss Leow knows about it though.

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