Saturday, November 20, 2004

About Lef

hahaha...good old Lef raved about me in his blog. It started from a normal icq conversation,

C : yoyoo so glad u started to blog again
Lef : wahaha
Lef :but i dunno what to write again...
C : me is blogging now..jsut write whatever u want to write
write abt me..hahaha
Lef :okok
C :hahha...sure or not....
C :u say write then i write lor...........
Lef :wahaha
C :hahahaha......good good

and Lef wrote about me!!!!!

I am pretty sure he got into a lot of trouble with his other gfs with that entry.

Waaaa, most of the time, you can classify guys into a few categories (see one of my earlier post). They are either Bastards, Sore Losers, CMI, Try to hard, the list goes on. Lef is one of the very few who fits neither here nor there. You would have to create a special category for him.

When he shows me his photoalbum, he always takes photos with pretty girls. His convocation pictures are all with pretty girls. I am forever amazed how he finds all the pretty girls. I think he makes Kpoh and Des jealous. It is easy for a stranger to mistake him for a superficial creep but the truth is, he enjoys a unique and treasured relationship with each of this girls.

I have enjoyed a tremendous friendship with Lef. He gives me presents every year on my birthday without fail!! He has presented me with a telescope (I am still slightly awed by the magnitude of that gesture, although he claims that he went on a shopping spree because he was depressed).

During my first year in boring engineering school, Lef helped me with Graphics the whole semester. To those unfamiliar with graphics, it is this irritating module where they make you draw on isometric paper. They give you weird instructions and you are expected to follow. Sometimes, you are required to draw things from plane view, side view, whatever. As the semester progressed, things become weirder and they tell you that you have to draw blocks, sphere, triangles at precise coordinates, worse still, these structures intersect each other.

I hated graphics and sucked at it. Lef, on the other hand, aced graphics. Lef helped me with graphics week after week tirelessly. The point to note is that I did not bug and leeched onto Lef for help. He sought me out week after week to ask if I needed help, all the way until the final paper. I remembered he even insisted that I meet him a few days before the finals to make sure I was ok. I eventually scored a B+ for graphics and that would definitely would not be possible without Lef.

About Lef (in the same copied format)
1. Lef uses a very strong scented shower foam. Shucks, I momentarily forgot the brand
2. Lef has like 10 million guitars
3. Lef likes comics
4. Lef is always on ICQ
5. Lef's house is very big but has cracks on the wall
6. Lef smses everyone Good Morning, he goes "hi babe, good morning and ....". He words the sms as if he is smsing you, but he in actual fact is mass-smsing everyone.
7. As a result, Lef sms bills skyrockets.
8. Lef loses his handphone all the time.
9. Lef gives me the impression he eats a lot of MacDonald's.
10. Lef has been a wonderful friend, and will be. He is fantabulous although I wish he would take more than 3 minutes to bath. Grosskid.


Guojun said...

Thanks babe, that's a wonderful testimony you wrote for me. I cannot leave the room after I read your post (head too big cannot go through the door).

Actually a lot of things I also forgot already, like how I taught you Graphics 1001, and the telescope I bought for you...

A few points though,
I dun use any particulat shower foam, just whatever is in my bathroom (which is usually something cheap cos my mother only buy things if they are cheap or necessary)

I got only 10 guitars, not 10 million.

I dun eat Mac all the time... only when I'm hungry

Heehee, thanks again for writing such a nice entry for me.

Handsel said...

hahha..but u always have this sharp scent, u once told me you used some brand. i still cannot remember the brand...hahha

FF said...

Sorry to interrupt but i think the strong scent is his signature Davidoff Coolwater cologne.